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Robert Ball oozes charm and soul in confessional new single, “I Need A Man”

Toronto artist Robert Ball has just dropped his latest single, “I Need A Man.” Giving us a swirling, hypnotic potion of genres, the track is tinged with a jazz essence and soaked in soulful R&B. With the notion of explaining the beauty in non-sexual intimacy, the track ironically has a sexy aura. Ball shows us how intimate a connection can be just through physical closeness, as well as showing us a vulnerable side and all the complexities of emotions as an artist and gay man. He shares, "There are so few examples of ‘this’ type of vulnerability, tenderness and intimacy from black men.” This empowering artist shows his authenticity in the new release and it's strikingly admirable.

Kicking off with a magical shimmer of woozy guitar riffs, sultry jazz drums and a melodic rhythm, “I Need A Man" has a sensual element to the production, reflecting the intimacy gained from a close bond. Ball’s rich, soulful voice leaves an impacting essence, with his strong yet tender harmonies filling up the soundscape in a wash of power. His visual lyricism tells a tale of pining for love and something deeper, with the sudden elongated note reflecting this internal cry for togetherness, all whilst showing us his stunning vocal capabilities. This track emits rhythm and groove making it an easy listen and one dripping in fluidity.

Working with Grammy Nominated musician Marito Marquez and accomplished producer Eric Lundgren, everything about this track is smooth and polished. This is the perfect addition for those late night, chilled-out playlists and we can't get enough.



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