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The Lush Mixture of R&B and Jazz in Robert Ball’s “I Need A Man”

Today’s Daily Feature is “I Need A Man” by Canadian R&B artist Robert Ball. This new single narrates wanting a deep soul connection with someone. The song talks of wanting the real deal, not just a short-term fix. Ball mentions this about the song: “I wrote this song about being fatigued of people only desiring sex and “something casual” rather than truly desiring a deeper connection with someone who knows your pain and will hold you and stay with you.”

Working alongside Grammy Nominated musician Marito Marquez and accomplished producer Eric Lundgren, “I Need A Man” oozes with silky R&B vibes mixed with jazz ones. The tune captures the listener’s attention with their alluring qualities found both in the instrumentation and vocals. The instrumentation features a groovy bass line that gives that calm late-night feeling. Glimmering chimes, gliding guitars, and bold drum beats are sprinkled in deepening this tranquil setting. There is a hint of dreaminess dripping from the jazz featured in the lush guitars chords.

Feelings of longing and lust are heard clearly in the instrumentation, but more in the voice. Passion and soul packed the vocal lines as Ball’s soft, rich vocals clearly express them with a multitude of emotions, range, and artistry. Each note expressed is a delectable listen that listeners cannot peel away from.


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